Salvation Messenger International

We are a First Amendment Non-Denominational Church that has been sharing the Gospel message since June 2005. Our message is simple and to the point, we must have the mind of Christ to survive and live a more productive life. This transformation will bring you peace and peace is the main ingredient needed for abundance in our life. Prosperity and joy will follow but first we must seek peace.


Salvation Messenger


President and Founder

Robert Wood



One of the biggest overlooked problems in Africa is education. It coasts so much that the average family can not afford it. Just for one semester it can coast up to $300.00usd per child. We are always looking to find sponsors to offset this coast. As we know children are the future. Please take a moment and look into sponsoring a child or a school. Read More


This is a grass roots movement that is inspiring Africans into a new direction. Most of the outer city and villages are poverty stricken and have little to no hope. This program encourages and builds hope in people that in turn inspires them to move forward with a sense of dignity. Now first as an human, an African as well a divine child of God. Read More


It is not hard to find a need in Africa. As we traveled through the villages and towns we saw just how poor some of the people were. In one village that a group of churches support, we were able to built a building for a meeting place, a school and shelter during the rainy season. We also drilled a well that now provides clean and safe water to cook, bathe and drink. With water there will be better hygiene and less diseases. Come and Join the Team. Read More

Uganda Trip 2020

Sharing the teaching of perseverance, how we lean not on our own understanding but stand on every word that the Lord speaks.

Uganda Trip 2020

These children wanted to get their photo with me. Most of them never seen a white person before. Told them a short story afterword.

Uganda Trip 2020

This church was still under construction as the story of Queen Ester was shared. They all must stand up for one another and help save others.

Kenya Trip 2022

Meeting the pastors of DDMI at the beginning of the visit. Great fellowship and teaching. Wonderful group of leaders.

Kenya Trip 2022

Pastor Thomas with some school children from the bush. Most of these children have no other chance to receive food and schooling because they are too poor. They need more support.

Kenya Trip 2022

People would walk for miles to hear what we had to say. Was told by one pastor that they believed that if we traveled so far we had an important message. Many people came to hear it.