Be The: Prayer Answered

Can you imagine waking up to your stomach growling in pain, your body so weak that you can barley stand. When you do get up you sweep the bugs and dirt from your skin as you realize that you have no where to go because you have no job, no transportation or education. Then looking down at your body you see no shirt or shoes but only a pair of torn shorts, so dirty and worn that you are surprised that they haven’t fallen off yet. Now standing you look around and see yet again you have no were to call home. You have just slept behind an old pile of rocks that have been left behind an old building and your mouth is so dry that you think you just ate some dirt. Your body aches as you stumble into the street to see if you can find someone kind enough to give you something to drink. What a way to wake up thinking to yourself, remembering the last place you got a drank was out of that mud puddle down the street.

This is just part of a testimony that was shared with me when I was in Africa this last year. Most the people where I visited where so grateful for just the little things.

Get involved, however big or small it will help someone that has no way of doing it themselves. Also you will be surprised just how great it feels and you may even become better off.

We are always looking for support for the call and challenge set before us. I hope that you see something on our pages that touch your heart so you too can be a part of this great and exciting opportunity. Here are two ministries that I work with the most. Divine Destinations Ministries International out of Opp, AL and The Glory Ministry out of Gladwin, MI. Both have a heart for the people of Africa and have seen personally just what is needed in Africa.

Contact me if you would like more information about this ministry or the ones above.

Thank you

Donations help educate and feed widowed and orphaned children in the bush. SUPPORT

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