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Founder Alisa Roberts

Hello and welcome to Divine Destinations Ministries International. It is on my heart to help the help-less and bring peace to those who have no peace. Christ is the way the truth and the life. Bring a old truth and making it fresh is a wonderful gift. People here in the states have an abundance of opportunity to listen and take part of the Word of God. The broken and misplaced need to hear the good news as well. The look on their faces when I share the truth that God Loves them. It is a pleasure to see that the Pastors are so eager to travel and minister way out in the bush. Blessings to them for all they do. Read more below.

My call to serve

I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I six years old. I can still remember the song the that the church was singing that day, “Just as I am”. A few years later at the age of ten, I was asked to preached my first message at an nursing home near where I lived in Opp, Alabama. I often visited there reading the bible and singing songs with them. I began to know them as my extended family. They all were very kind to me and I believe their love is what helped me through all the following years.

A few years later I was invited to ministered at a housing project were a lot of children lived in Birmingham, Alabama. I wanted to do something special for them, to help bring them joy. I had an idea and my mother gave me some scrap cloth. I then made a clown suit, it had different colors and patterns. I told them that the clown suit was a symbol of them, if they all would come together it would be joyful and fun. As we all sat and talked about ourselves we talked about how Jesus brings us all together. It was a great time teaching about unity nd uniqueness.

In 1998 I felt led to Organized The Olive Tree Outreach Ministries, in Birmingham, Alabama. It started as a home bible study, then grew into a church. The church’s main focus was evangelism and outreach ministries. Passing out food and clothing to the needy. We served the greater Birmingham area and some of the outskirts as well.

In 2015 I answered the missionary calling for Africa. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria were the countries on my heart. I am now the president of Divine Destinations Ministries International, Inc. Our extensive vision for Africa involves:

-evangelism and crusades
-Train and equip believers to do the works of Jesus
-Building churches
-Outreach programs
-Building schools
-Helping the orphans and the needy.
-Hospice housing for the dying

If you would like to be a part of this opportunity to serve third world countries like Africa, you can contact Alisa at:

Alisa1963Roberts@gmail.com and you can donate at PayPal..

Meet the Pastors of Divine Destinations Ministries International

The School has Water..

The School that DDMI supports and shares oversite with has water now because of you. Your heart has been a blessing to these people and Children and I know you have no idea how happy they are. See more