Divine Destinations Ministries International

Founder Alisa Roberts

Alisa Roberts has been an Evangelistic minister for many years. Founding The Olive Tree Outreach Ministry in Birmingham, AL back in the late 1990’s where she did street evangelism and feed the homeless. Her heart is to help and reaching people where they are at. She now travels and speaks at revivals and churches around Alabama. She has traveled and taught internationally in Kitale, Kenya, Africa where she visited Bishop Michael and his pastoral group. She has built two churches with them and one is being used as a school. Her heart is full of love for Africa.


Divine Destinations Ministries International

Registered and located in Opp, Al as a 501c3 ministry, we are striving to proclaim the word of God and to help bettering peoples lives around the globe. We share the Gospel Message anywhere the Lord leads us.

Mark 16:15

 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

In the United States

Holly Woodall is our President and our founder, Alisa Robert is the Evangelistic Outreach Coordinator. We are striving to teach and minister the Word of God as we also bring awareness to suffering brothers and sisters around the globe. As we minister here in the States we share the word of God and build up the saints through love and compaction. We also introduce an opportunity to become an humanitarian and help other Christion’s who could use your help around the world.

In Kenya, Africa

Brother Thomas Wamukota is our Kenyan Director. He is the Secretary of a group of pastors that work together under Bishop Michael and They have organized 9 churches and one school. We have a program that feeds the children at the school for nearly $450.00 a month. Our founder Alisa has personally visited this village and school back in 2022. She took a small team to Kitale where they stayed and ministered for two and a half weeks visiting the churches of Bishop Michael. When visiting the school there was still a great need for desks and training supplies. Outdoor shade was limited and the water was quite some distance away. DDMI was able to get a water well installed and get a donation of goats to help bring milk and meat to the school in a short period of time.

In Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

Brother Numan Samuel is our Pakistan Director and works with a group of 15 young men known as The Band of Brothers and they minister together to the people there in Toba Tek Singh. They are the newest outreach for DDMI and we acknowledge there dedication to spreading the word and work of God to a people that are in dire straights. Thanks to support we have receive enough to help put in a fresh water well. There is so much more work to do here in Pakistan.

As you can see.. we are busy working with people that want to serve our King and Heavenly Father. Please join us as we better serve our Lord.

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