Empowerment Ministry

A grass root movement that is being lead by Kabagambe Adonia who is Bishop over several churches in Uganda. We meet when I visited back in 2020 and it was a quick friendship. We both saw the importance of personal worth. So, we agreed to move forward in the empowerment ministry together to provide hope to thousands of Uganda’s. We are looking to move into Kenya and soon to be all through central Africa. By exhortation and sharing the gospel message we are looking forward to a great movement within Africa.

Some of the messages that are being shared right now.

  • Causing mindset change towards good health, prosperity, and spiritual knowledge. 
  • Developing self-esteem, and self-appreciation among the people. 
  • Making awareness of our people’s history and the rich cultural background. 
  • Knowledge and appreciation of God. 
  • Appreciation of the environment. 
  • Imparting self-skills among the people.  
  • Developing agriculture. 
  • Developing modern technology.  
  • Education of children for the future. 
  • Fighting poverty. 
  • Uniting peoples of different tribes, cultures, faiths, communities into the knowledge of God. 
  • Developing cultural values.  (All this being taught through the transformation of our mind from the fruit of the flesh to the fruit of the Spirit).

Your help will inspire thousands so Donate here and watch what happens!!

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