If you been around the block at least once you know that ministries are always asking for money. For starters the school in Konyao-Ngotut village, Kenya, we working on supporting the staff at $250.00 and food for the children at $580.00 per month. We need to feed nearly 120 children from the bush.

Near 90% of the children’s family’s have no income and live off the desert like land. Poverty stricken and un-educated, most of the fathers have died of aids or have left the family.

The school is currently using the first church that Divine Destinations Ministries International (DDMI) build a few years ago. This provides schooling when it rains. Before this they would send the children home. Otherwise the classes are taught outside under the tall bushes so the breezes will keep them cooler.

Please take a moment and think about donating for this cause. These children need this school, more then that they need to eat. Also consider donating monthly because we really can use your support.

Donate any amount – $100.00usd month – $450.00 month – $700.00usd


Great News… Water!

The Great news is that this village in North West Kenya has water now. Your donations and support has given these people and children a chance for a new life. Fresh water is a luxury that is not often found her in the bush of Africa. As we asked for your support over the last year this is what has transpired over the last few months.

As I personally visited this village and school on a recent ministry and visitation trip. I saw the children carrying the jugs back and forth from the water hole that was over a half mile away. This water was not to sanitary but now they have fresh water for food and bathing. Hygiene can now be taught in the school along with the importance of cleanliness.

We can not thank you all enough for all your help.. Below are a few photos of when the well was first opened up to be used this November 21, 2023.

As we stay focused on the food program that involves a goat and a chicken farm, we also continue to ask for your help and support. Your love and compaction for this group of people is touching and evident. THANK YOU!

The Need’s are still great..

There is such a great need for Pastors to travel and teach in the minor villages. The transportation most times doesn’t go that far from the city and they have to pay even more to do the work.

Our goal is to help with motorcycles, by doing this they can reach these difficult locations. The purchase price for a new 125cc motorbike would be nearly $1,500.00usd. The racks they put on the back to carry supplies are cheep and easy to come by. These may be $100.00usd at most.

You can help each month for expenses on one or more motorcycles just contact me and I will give you the details.

Quick and reliable transportation to bring minor supplies to and from the villages