Todays Ministry

Salvation Messenger Internationals mission is simple, learn and share the teachings of Christ. Strive to have his mind-set and transform our lives by the fruit of His Spirit so we can walk in love.

Back in 2008, I was Ordained by International Ministries Forum, a Christ centered non-denominational ministry that introduced me to a large network of believers that are around the world. I soon realized that no matter where I go I wouldn’t be far away from another brother or sister.

In March of 2020 I traveled to Uganda, Africa with Brenda Smith of The Glory Ministry out of Gladwin, MI. We worked crusades and conferences until the corona virus broke out and the government put a stop to large gatherings.

This year 2022, I was asked by Alisa Roberts of Divine Destinations Ministries International out of Opp, AL to join here to Nairobi, Africa. We spoke at several church conferences and church meetings. We traveled off the beaten path to a small group of people in what they called the bush. They have put together a school teaching English, math and social awareness. This is how to act and communicate in public.

I currently sit on two other ministry boards, The Glory Ministry as the Public Relations director and on Divine destinations Ministries International as the secretary. I enjoy both ministries because they have a heart for Africa. If you know anything about Africa you’ll know that the people need guidance and hope. (And yes money does help make that possible).

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Next – Empowerment Ministry

A grass root movement that is being lead by Kabagambe Adonia who is a Bishop over several churches in Uganda. It was a quick friendship because we saw the importance of personal worth. So, we agreed to move forward in the empowerment ministry together to provide hope to thousands of Uganda’s. We are looking to move into Kenya and soon to be all through central Africa. By exhortation and sharing the gospel message we are looking forward to a great movement within Africa.

Some of the messages that are being shared right now.

  • Causing mindset change towards good health, prosperity, and spiritual knowledge. 
  • Developing self-esteem, and self-appreciation among the people. 
  • Making awareness of our people’s history and the rich cultural background. 
  • Knowledge and appreciation of God. 
  • Appreciation of the environment. 
  • Imparting self-skills among the people.  
  • Developing agriculture. 
  • Developing modern technology.  
  • Education of children for the future. 
  • Fighting poverty. 
  • Uniting peoples of different tribes, cultures, faiths, communities into the knowledge of God. 
  • Developing cultural values.  (All this being taught through the transformation of our mind from the fruit of the flesh to the fruit of the Spirit.)

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Salvation Messenger International Training Centers

We are at the development stage of our Training Centers.  We will soon be building a location that will provide education both academically and spiritually.  We are purposing the purchase land to build:

  • Children’s school from beginners to graduates 
  • Bible school to teach and train pastors more in-depth studies 
  • Build an orphanage to help with the needy children in the area
  • Have a small farm on the property to provide food like chickens, pigs, rabbits and goats. (teaching trades)
  • Have a garden to grow year-round food to help subsidies some of the food perches
  • Have business buildings to help teach a working skill to help place people into employment.
  • Provide rental housing to help keep operations coasts low and have people near to help work this property.  This is just a few ideas that are being shared now

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Humanitarian help needed

If you been around the block at least once you know that ministries are always asking for money. The current school in Kenya that we were supporting, yes were, needs $580.00usd per month just to feed nearly 120 children from the bush. Near 90% of the children’s family’s have no income and live off the desert like land. Poverty stricken and un-educated, most of the fathers have died of aids or have left the family. We also need another $250.00usd for the staff to keep teaching and supporting the students when they are there. This school was one of the first churches that Divine Destinations build a few years ago and the school is using it for their indoor classroom when it rains. Other then that the classes are held outside under some small trees. (I’ll show photos below)

Donate any amount – $100.00usd month – $450.00 month – $700.00usd month