10 Dollar Club

This page is designed to bring information to the public about special needs and events.

For needs, you are encouraged to donate $10.00/or more for any one of the listed charities. If you want to become a partner please email the project director for that charity, there email will be listed after the information. A donation for a charity can be completed by simply click on the donation button after the information.

On the events, you can volunteer or donate to any of the event as needed or requested. If you are able to donate to an event there will be a donation button after the information. Please email me for further information . Thank you


Divine Destinations Ministries International, INC

Alisa Roberts of Opp, AL is the president and founder of Divine Destinations Ministries International, INC. (DDMI) It’s been a life long dream to preach the gospel. As a child she would line up her teddy bears and teach them the Bible. Now she has been working with a group of pastors in Katali, Kenya now for over 9 years. Some of the adults in this small village that is deep in the bush started to teach the local children some reading and math skills. This lead into a school that is now registered with the government of Kenya. The Bishop overseeing the church at the village asked DDMI if they could help build a church and use it for the school when the weather was bad. A few years ago they helped build the new church and it is being used to this day.

I personally have been to this village and meet the people that volunteer and teach the children. It is a wonderful sight to see. It is simple but well thought through and works quite well. The pastors that work with the Bishop have taken it upon themselves to help support the school children with food and tried with clothing. The demand got to big for their income and reached out for help. Now there are 98-110 children there any given week. The cost of food for the month varies but I think its around 450.00usd a month. That is not counting any money for the staff. Check out the web-page and let your heart lead you. Go to DDMI web-page

The Glory Ministry

The President, Brenda Smith travels to Uganda between 4-6 months of the year depending on the funding and the needs here in the States. She speaks or ministers publicly at events or churches as she brings awareness to the needs of the people and ministry.

The Vic-President is Deus Mbyehuzya, who is Ugandan and helps organize the crusades and speaking events when Brenda is in country. He also operates an orphanage in Rubindi, Uganda were a new home was constructed for his family providing more room for orphans.

In 2020 I personally went with Brenda on a two week ministry trip. I was able to speak at several churches and at one crusade. Covid broke out during my stay and so we had some of the pastors come to us and we ministered to them at the hotel we were staying.

The Empowerment Ministry

I meet a wonderful Bishop in Uganda back in 2020 when I was on a ministry trip. Adonia Kabagambe lives in Mbarara, Uganda and oversees 12 churches and Works at and with two schools.

I heard the introduction to his message one afternoon before I had to leave and he was talking about relative understandings. How we can teach more effectively on the things we personally know, the importance to lead by example and how we must do it with love.

We later meet at the hotel and talked for an hour or so and it was like I knew him my whole life. After I returned home we keep InTouch and over the last two year we have encouraged each other. Now were putting together The Empowerment Ministry in Uganda to help encourage people to know Christ and understand his main teachings. In Matthew 22:37–39 of the Bible Christ talks about Loving God first and others as yourself.

He has been asked to speak at several different denominational churches other then his. He is building a strong ministry and I would like to help him build it stronger.

My vision in Uganda and Kenya is to have a good portion of property were a ministry building would be built. This building would be central surrounded by a school, an orphanage, farm and gardens. The garden area could grow produce for us and an area were the property would be rented/leased out for others to grow crops. Those funds would go back into the property for what ever it would need. A water well on the property to irrigate the gardens and have healthy water to drink for the community. Have store fronts built to create income and teach the older students a trade for their future. This is the short version..

If you would like to be a partner or support this call please contact me at smiaroundtheworld@gmail.com and/or you can DONATE HERE