Love = best medicine

You may be reading this and like most of us go yes, your right, Love is the best medicine.. How many of us are using this medicine to help the one you are closest with. How many times do we give love and respect to the people we work with or even being polite to a total stranger. How many times do we come home and find things out of place and go to the extrema of yelling and screaming before we even ask about the problem.

For example.. I cam home the other day and saw that my cooler I was cleaning in the bath tub was in the Gurage and it still had water in it. I went nuts.. why cant people leave my stuff alone.. you never leave water in a cooler when its freezing outside. I ranted and carried on about how no one ever takes care of my things and that I should not have to watch every little thing I own because of people not caring about me or my things.

I had my blow up and then drove to the local gas station and got a cup of coffee to help cool down and clear my head. I then started to realize that I never asked why it was there or even how long it was out there. I didn’t know anything about the situation and I just exploded for now reason, well dealing with the cooler any how.

I then began to wonder, what was the underlining problem and why it was so strong. I had no control when I blew up I just went crazy on my family. I wondered how many things I have bottled up and not let go of.

Later that day I called a pastor friend of mine who I knew from high school. He said that I was always a hot head and needed counseling to help get through the feelings that I had. He was right and I knew it, I just didn’t want any one to know. As time went on I find out that most every one goes through this and that it is normal.

Now that I have had counseling, life has been totally different. I can go through and see were things are wrong and except them and try to help if I can. I am finding out that no one can help unless the other person wants it. Life is truly what we make it. Cause and effect are just one of the laws of life. Action and reaction is another one. To know that they are real and to not fall into the trap of them is a little difficult. It can be done, just keep in mind Love covers a multitude of sin. Sin is our natural instinct and we act automatically to it. If we learn self control we ask questions and then act on the situation. That is extending love to one another.

I’m sure there are grammar and spelling problems throughout this little story. please love me and over look them.. Blessings to you all.

Test.. test

How many times have you ever wondered if this thing called life is even working? I have wondered this a lot lately. However I am finding out that if you keep moving it all makes sense. Keep moving and you will find out yourself that life is just like Forest Gump would say.. “Life is like a box of chocolates”… LOL

4 Room House

Around 26 years ago (1996), when I was 30 I had a dream. In this dream I was in a large wheat field. The wheat was starting to bow as it was just about harvest time. I looked up the hill and saw a house with a porch all the way around it. I was eminently transported into one of the rooms.

I found myself in a large room with a group of people standing in lines. They looked like they were in the military as they stood straight up looking forwards and not flinching. I couldn’t figure out why they were there. As I walked in front of them I noticed that there were windows, four in total. Two on one wall and two on the other. I thought why is it so gray in here? It should be brighter. I then turned to a person in line and asked what are you doing here? No response, they just stared forward and didn’t move a mussel. I then saw a door connecting to another room. I could see people in that room as well. I then walked to that door and entered.

As I entered the next room, I saw again the rows of people standing at attention and not even blinking. They looked to be in a trance. I also saw four windows with two being on each wall. It was still dimly lit even though you could see through the windows. As I walked through each row, I was asking them questions but non of them responded. I then noticed that each of them had a flash light in their right hand. I looked down and saw that I had one too. I quickly turned my light on and then a large white beam of light covered me from head to toe. I quickly started to tell the other people to turn on their light. Then I noticed another door leading to the next room with people in it as well.

This room was the same as the other two. People standing at attention and looking into nowhere. I walked through three rows and then I noticed that there where seven rows of ten people in each row. I thought to myself, this is strange but I keep going. I got to the middle of the fourth row and said out loud, “this is enough”. I stopped in front of this one person, garbed there shoulders and gave them a quick shake. They looked at me and blinked a few times. Then they asked me, what did you say? I said, “turn on your light”. They looked down at their hand and turned on their light. I looked into their face and they smiled.

The next thing I remembered I was back in the wheat field looking at this house again wondering what It was all about. I then woke

One house, one porch all around, four rooms, four windows per room and twelve in total, two doors, seven rows of ten people at attention, dimly lit, flash light, turning on the light, covered by beam of light