Humanitarian Worker

I can show you broken homes and starving children but I would rather keep the grimness of the truth to what you would like to see. The truth is that we have starving people all over. It is not just the third world countries that need help but also right here at home. Lets stand together and help one another. There is nothing stopping us for doing right to each other. I’ll be updating this page often so please come and see what is new. We need your support so please go here to donate.

You can help..

Your helping doesn’t have to be a religious aspect. Children need shelter, food, clothes, books and school fees. The staff of the orphanages need support and transportation is a major problem as well. Look.. it only takes what you already have.. time, a voice and a heart for people. Come on and let’s get something started today. Join here


It’s been an amazing blessing! Holly, one of Divine Destinations Ministries International (DDMI), long time supporter has organize the putting in a fresh water well. The well is located in a small village of Konyao-ngotut in Western Kenya and was drilled Nov 18th then opened the following Monday to the villagers. As you can see the children are extremely happy because they no longer have to walk a mile or so to get contaminated water. The fresh water well help increase better health and hygiene.

About a year or so a church was donated by DDMI to be used as a school and community building. Since then an attendance of around 120 children are schooled here. It is a very poor area in the bush with little to no work for the parents. This is why we have a food program to help support them as they grow and learn. Your support for this ongoing project is highly welcomed.


When we work together we can get all kinds of things done. Nothing like being able to help pay for a Childs education, school supplies, clothing or what ever they may need. Nothing is greater then to help someone that is helpless.

We share love and understanding with these people that have needs. Knowing that we can be where they are at in a blink of an eye. Paying it forward is the best investment you can ever have. God sees your heart and will reword you openly when you follow our heart.

Currently I am working with two other ministries, one out of Michigan and the other out of Alabama. The Glory Ministry is out of Gladwin, MI and I have traveled to Uganda with them. Brenda Smith is a wonderful woman of God and a great inspiration. She travels to Uganda and stays for 4-6 months at a time. Then Divine Destinations Ministries International of Opp, Alabama. I have known Alisa Roberts for several years now and working with her has been a joy.