These school children are from a very small village in Kenya, Africa. They live in the outermost parts of the country called the bush. The village pastor and the church members devote a large amount of time and effort to help these children. They held classes under the trees for many years being subject to the weather. A few years back, Alisa Roberts founder of Divine Destinations Ministries International, (DDMI), was able to raise enough money to build them a church building. Now they have a church to worship in and a place for the children to study out of the weather.

After visiting and meeting these wonderful people face to face, I was impressed on how they were able to accomplish so much with so little. I now understood why they need $830.00 a month for a simple budget that covers beans, rice, grain and some times chicken.

A few of the adults from the village and the teachers have been volunteering their services for years. They oversee 120+- children that live up to 4 kilometers away, that is close to 2.5 miles. These children are eager to learn and unfortunately have no were else to go. They are very poor and most of them have only the one parent. Several are orphaned and living in the bush by them selves. It is very sad if you think about it. I know most of us can not even imagine a life like that.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the children as they sang us a song to welcoming us to their school. We walked the compound and looked at the kitchen, storage hut and the church that DDMI was able to help build. then each grad shared a dance or song as they ministered there appreciation to us. It was wonderful to watch them as they performed. We then ministered to the whole village. It was an awesome experience being able to share the story of Queen Ester and how it transfers into our lives.

To bring you up to speed there was a fundraiser before we left for Africa to buy goats for the school children. The thought was to buy them and once the goats multiplied they would have meat for them to eat, Or to sell. The fundraiser brought in enough money to buy 20 goats. When we got there they had 52 goats and two babies.

This leads me to a question for you. Would you consider donating 10.00 to help for food, clothing, school supplies and help us build a bunk house for the children that are orphaned? We need $580.00 each month to feed the children plus $250.00 for the teachers and staff to keep this school and church going. Please reach out to me for more information


Behind the storefront shops you can see our new school compound. We are now leasing the property to start a Training Center that has minor mechanics, sowing, hair dressing and many more short and easy to learn tasks to help will help them make a living and help the community. We are completing the cleaning and inventory. I will post our needs shortly. Right how we need 1,500 to secure the next 4 months or we can purchase it outright for 35,0000. Any and all donations will be a seed to change a persons life forever.

Please consider helping with this matter. More information will be posted as I get it. Use PayPal Here